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All our products are designed, planned out, and made by one of our affiliated artist.

Contact us today to discuss arranging live production performances or vending.

Custom Quoting & Collaborations

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Would you like your logo or design created into a pin, pendant, painting, apparel, or even something possibly new? Contact us today and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

We love collaborating with like minded artists. If you would like to collaborate please contact us with a brief or detailed description of the project. We may not be able to work with everyone but we will do our best to spread the passion & beauty of art.

New Creations Constantly

Stay tuned for new work!

Literally almost a new creation everyday! They may not all make it to the site immediately but we assure you that theres much more to come!

May it be social, political, artistic, food, places, or things, everything and anything can throw up! We have many funny, unique, and clever designs coming say check back frequently!! Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy!!!

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